SESSION 7C, PHYSICAL EDUCATION - 3 - Transformative Pedagogies in Physical Education Teacher Education: Pedagogies, teaching and assessment methods



Basic Topics
  1. Introduction to transformative pedagogies to move higher education forward
  2. Principles of transformative teaching within Physical Education Teacher Education

The duration of the session is 9 hours (3 reading + 3 learning + 3 working/practicing)


The Objectives of this session are:

  • Exploring the controversial aspects of social issues and their management in the classroom.
  • Dialogical learning and teaching practice.
Learning outcomes

After completion of the session students will:

  1. To familiarize students with the connection between transformative pedagogies and democratic learning
  2. To enable the development of strategies and understanding on the establishment of transformative pedagogies in Physical Education Teacher Education
Outcomes and CDC
  • Knowledge and critical understanding
    • Knowledge and critical understanding of the self
      • 110: Can reflect critically on his/her own prejudices and stereotypes and what lies behind them (advanced) 
    • Knowledge and critical understanding of the world
      • 113: Can describe the social impact and effects on others of different communication styles (intermediate)
  • Values
    • Valuing democracy, justice, fairness, equality and the rule of law
      • 12: Argues that schools should teach students about democracy and how to act as a democratic citizen  (basic)
  • Attitudes
    • Civic-mindedness
      • 36: Discusses what can be done to help make the community a better place (intermediate)
      • 38: Takes action to stay informed about civic issues (advanced)
  • Skills
    • Conflict-resolution skills
      • 101: Can identify options for resolving conflicts (basic)
      • 102: Can assist others to resolve conflicts by enhancing their understanding of the available options  (intermediate)


A series of resources that the student teacher must study in this session and a series of additional resources for further study.

A full paper and additional e-lessons on the topics of the session and additional interactive presentation of the materials, for the student teachers to study all the materials in a row.

A series of authentic, up to date and relevant activities with their accompanying materials, which deliver the intended learning outcomes of the session and are carried out face to face or E-learning with groups of student teachers.

Several types of questions to evaluate how much the student teachers have learned throughout the session (reading material, learning material and workshop).