SESSION 7C, PHYSICAL EDUCATION - 2 - Sport Education for Democratic Citizenship and Human Rights Education: Cross-curricular implementation (secondary)



Basic Topics
  1. Introduction to social learning via the principles of the Sport Education model (Siedentop, 1994) 
  2. Use the Sport Education model for designing and implementing PE lesson plans for EDC/HRE.

The duration of the session is 9 hours (3 reading + 3 learning + 3 working/practicing)


The Objectives of this session are:

  • Modelling teaching techniques and democratic attitudes and behaviours in subjects and areas of study.
  • Recognising appropriate opportunities in variety for subjects for teaching of EDC/HRE
Learning outcomes

After completion of the session students will:

  1. To enable all students to assimilate the democratic culture via socializing in sport participation
  2. To offer students a moral perspective of how to value sport through the development of reciprocal relationships and social connections in their PE classes
Outcomes and CDC
  • Knowledge and critical understanding
    • Knowledge and critical understanding of language and communication
      • 113: Can describe the social impact and effects on others of different communication styles (intermediate) 
    • Knowledge and critical understanding of the world
      • 118: Can explain why everybody has a responsibility to respect the human rights of others (basic)
  • Values
    • Valuing cultural diversity
      • 8: Promotes the view that one should always strive for mutual understanding and meaningful dialogue between people and groups who are perceived to be “different” from one another (basic)
  • Attitudes
    • Respect
      • 27: Gives space to others to express themselves (basic)
      • 28: Expresses respect for other people as equal human beings (basic)
  • Skills
    • Co-operation skills
      • 97: When working as a member of a group, keeps others informed about any relevant or useful information (intermediate)
      • 99: When working with others, supports other people despite differences in points of view (advanced)


A series of resources that the student teacher must study in this session and a series of additional resources for further study.

A full paper and additional e-lessons on the topics of the session and additional interactive presentation of the materials, for the student teachers to study all the materials in a row.

A series of authentic, up to date and relevant activities with their accompanying materials, which deliver the intended learning outcomes of the session and are carried out face to face or E-learning with groups of student teachers.

Several types of questions to evaluate how much the student teachers have learned throughout the session (reading material, learning material and workshop).



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