Session 7C, ICT - 3 - Education for Democratic Citizenship and Human Rights Education: Cross-curricular implementation_Broadening participation in Informatics



Basic Topics
  1. Underrepresented groups in Computer Science
  2. Computational thinking 
  3. Computer Science unplugged
  4. Competitions for Computer Science

The duration of the session is 9 hours (3 reading + 3 learning + 3 working/practicing)


The Objectives of this session are:

  • To enable students to recognise opportunities for implementation of EDC/HRE pedagogies in Informatics. 
  • To offer students an overview and support them in developing a critical understanding of potential challenges in the implementation of EDC/HRE in Informatics.
Learning outcomes

After completion of the session students will:

  1. To identify Computational Thinking skills in computer science activities
  2. To apply computer science unplugged activities in order to broaden participation 
  3. To select and design computer based unplugged activities for various target groups
Outcomes and CDC
  • Attitudes
    • Respect
      • 510: Expresses respect for gender differences (intermediate)
    • Self-efficacy
      • 803: Shows confidence that he/she can solve most problems if he/she invests the necessary effort (basic/intermediate)
      • 811: Shows confidence in his/her ability to be successful (intermediate)
  • Skills 
    • Analytical and critical thinking skills
      • 1103: Can draw conclusions from the analysis of an argument (basic) 
      • 1106; Can solve problems through the use of logic (basic) 


A series of resources that the student teacher must study in this session and a series of additional resources for further study.

A full paper and additional e-lessons on the topics of the session and additional interactive presentation of the materials, for the student teachers to study all the materials in a row.

A series of authentic, up to date and relevant activities with their accompanying materials, which deliver the intended learning outcomes of the session and are carried out face to face or E-learning with groups of student teachers.

Several types of questions to evaluate how much the student teachers have learned throughout the session (reading material, learning material and workshop).



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