Session 7C, ICT - Education for Democratic Citizenship and Human Rights: Cross-curricular implementation



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Duration of the session is 9 hours (3 reading+3 learning+3 working/practicing)


Objectives of this session are:

  •  To enable students to recognise opportunities for implementation of EDC/HRE pedagogies in Informatics,
  •  To offer students an overview and support them in developing a critical understanding of potential challenges in the implementation of EDC/HRE in Informatics.
Basic Topics

The contents of the learning materials are:

  • Collaborative learning
  • Approaches to support and facilitate collaboration
  • Techniques to collaborate in Informatics
  • Educating through art
Intended learning outcomes

On the completion of the session students will be able to 

  1. To appreciate the characteristics of the group members

  2. To apply collaboration models and use ICT tools in designing learning activities that enable students to share opinions and material

  3.  To use education through art approach in order to transform students’ attitude

Intended learning outcomes assessment
  1. Design activities that use art objects in order to make students to reconsider their opinion about collaboration

  2. Design collaborative activities that promote knowledge construction and cultivation of collaboration skills

Outcomes and CDC
  • Attitudes
    • Respect 501: Gives space to others to express themselves (basic)
    • Civic-mindedness 601: Expresses a willingness to co-operate and work with others (basic)
  • Skills
    • Co-operation skills 1601: Builds positive relationships with other people in a group (basic)
    • Co-operation skills 1607: When working as a member of a group, shows appreciation of and consideration for other group members (basic / intermediate)


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